Workforce Survey

Thanks to those who have responded to our ‘Workforce Survey’. This poll has been designed to get a perspective on members experiences and, through comments, their views on the current Covid-19 crisis; providing the opportunity to explain how this has affected them, the services where they work and patients they treat.

In responding to the crisis BAPO are engaging with patient/user groups and stakeholder bodies, and are seeking out concerns raised by their members. In addition we are also reaching out to the national P&O managers groups and employers to clarify if there is a shared position in response to the crisis.

Initial issues which have been raised include:-

  1. Unclear position on urgent care being offered
  2. Unclear provision for growth in children who depend on an orthosis or prosthesis
  3. What pathways will be available to those not be able to obtain a prothesis or orthosis?
  4. What are the plans to manage access once services resume (including how will the backlog be prioritised and will social distancing impact on capacity)?
  5. How can parents/users access advice (including access to remote advice and information)?


We aim to collate the returned initial views and opinions by Friday and then draw on those to produce initial guidelines for all stakeholders. This is so that they can be used to advise and signpost clinicians, managers, carers, parents and service users.

As a follow up we plan to organise a webinar for the week of May 4th to communicate with service users and stakeholders; to share those guidelines. BAPO will now aim to develop a consensus on the best way to manage the current challenges and those which will emerge as P&O clinical services reboot.


Best wishes


Lynne Rowley

Chair BAPO


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