KAFO “In a perfect world”

27th November 2019 – 28th November 2019 all-day
Bowley Close Rehabilitation Centre
Farquhar Road
SE19 1SZ

The prescription of Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses is often seen as a challenge to those unable to build up a breadth and depth of experience, for many reasons.
The manufacture of KAFOs is also fraught with issues, where technical staff are often unable to accrue many aspects of the rationale behind prescription, design, and alignment, and the clinical staff struggle to communicate their needs.
The course aims to address the problems associated with information exchange between professional groups within the industry, and the problems that are compounded through a lack of experience and confidence between both cohorts.
Our aim is to highlight simple steps in the patient journey and technical process that will save time, money and variability in practice and outcome in both clinical and manufacturing terms.
We will try to make up for the fact that we don’t live in a perfect world, so will present many tips and tricks to simply our collective practice.

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