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New Socket Technology for Hip Disarticulation Hemipelvectomy and Short Transfermoral Patients Lynzy Holding, Terry Moore & Damian Harper  Lynzy Holding
MSK Update Simon Dickinson, Chris Cox & Laura Barr  MSK Update
KAFO Cast Alignment and Rectification Dave Buchanan  KAFO Dave
The Impact of Different Foot Scanning/Support Positions to Selected Foot Dimensions When Compared Against Casting and Foam Box Impressions Dr Jari Pallari Coming soon!
Introduction About Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) for O&P Janis Jatnieks, Edgars Errmansons & Ieva Anda Kalupa Cooming soon!
Footwear Construction Garry Bainbridge Coming soon!
 Sepsis Niamh Boyle  Niamh Boyle
 Sepsis Dr John Parker  John Parker
Sepsis Corinne Hutton Corinne Hutton
Blended Learning Mentorship within P&O Placements Mark McAloon & Michael Harrison-Blount Mark McAloon
 Trailblazer: Apprenticeships in Prosthetics and Orthotics - Casitng the Wider Net to Capture the Best Future Prosthetist/Orthotists and Prosthetic and Orthotic Technicians  Juliet Sturgess, Michael O'Byrne & Steve McNiece  Juliet Sturgess
Transfemoral Prosthetics amd the Ups and Downs of Social Media Howard Woolley  Howard Woolley


Talk Title Speaker Download Here
Targeted Muscle Reinnveration (TMR): A UK-based Experience Mr Norbert Kang  Norbert Kang
TMR: Rehabilitation, Expectation Setting and Outcome Potential Matthew Hughes, Moose Baxter & Alex Paterson Matt Hughes
 What is the S2 Route? Travelling to Europe for Medical Treatment Alice Hannah

Alice Hannah

 Performance and Satisfaction with Intuitive Multifunctional Hand Prosthesis Control Sebastian Amsuess  Sebastian Amsuess
Upper Limb Prosthetic Therapy, Rewards and Challenges Melissa Jacobs  Melissa Jacobs
Factors Influencing Quality of Life After Amputation Dr Fiona Davie-Smith Coming soon!
Microprocessor-controlled Prosthetic Knee Joints: Evidence Helps to Understand Differences in Function and Performance  Malte Bellmann Coming soon!
 A Unified Approach to the Management of Foot Drop and More Complex Gait Disorders Jon Graham Coming soon!
Why Prescribe a Rigid AFO Unless You Have Too? Challenging the Fundamental Design of AFO's Simon Dickinson Simon AFO
Hernia and Truss Prescription and Problem Solving Diana Currie 
2nd Generation of Stance Control Orthotics Thomas Schmalz Thomas sch
The Diabetic Foot in Remission: Strategies to Make Prevention Pay Dr David Armstrong