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         Measuring Change Cover


In today’s demanding and pressured healthcare environment it is essential that the effects of medical interventions, including prosthetic and orthotic care, are accurately assessed and recorded. Outcome measures (OMs) are useful in assessment, clinical decision making and evidencing the outcomes of treatment to either the service user or third parties. OMs also facilitate clinical audit and research.

The Measuring Change document is the result of a one year project by a working group formed by members of the BAPO Professional Affairs and Education committees. The working group initially conducted a survey of Prosthetists and Orthotists in the UK to determine existing use and knowledge of OMs. Following this, a small group of OMs were selected and literature reviews were conducted to identify the measures’ psychometric properties in addition to normal data and minimal clinically important difference values. The included OMs are the numeric pain rating scale (NRS-11), socket comfort score (SCS), 10 metre walk test (10MWT), timed up and go (TUG) and disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand (DASH). The Measuring Change document includes the results of the reviews, instructions on how to use and interpret the selected OMs, a summary of the survey results, and an introduction to relevant psychometric terms and concepts. The primary aim of the document is to enable Prosthetists and Orthotists to understand and use simple OMs in clinical practice to improve patient care.

Measuring Change is available for BAPO members to download from the members section. Non-members may request hard copies (paperback, 40 pages, full colour) from at a cost of £10 excl postage.