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We aim to provide a quality service for our members and affiliates in many different ways. We offer different categories of membership and affiliation. Download the appropriate application form at the foot of the page.  Membership can either be paid in full or by direct debit to spread the cost throughout the year.  Remember to apply for a tax rebate on the full cost of membership and for information on how to do this please see the guide in the table below.
Member Qualified Prosthetists, Orthotists and Prosthetist/Orthotists
Non-practising member Qualified Prosthetists, Orthotists and Prosthetist/Orthotists who are not employed in or associated with the prosthetics and orthotics industry in any capacity
Technician associate Technicians working within the prosthetic or orthotic industry
Assistant associate A person qualified to practice orthotics in a limited area
Student associate Students engaged in a full time UK undergraduate honours degree in prosthetics or orthotics (or post graduate programme) who are not undertaking any clinical practice
Retired member A person who has held membership or affiliation to BAPO within the last five years and is aged 55 years or over and is not currently practising in any capacity
For application forms and information on the benefits of membership, please download the appropriate document listed below, or contact the BAPO Secretariat on 0141 561 7217 or email
UK requiring Private Practice Insurance UK not requiring Private Practice Insurance Europe Rest of World Guidance on Tax Relief
Membership 2018 PPI
 Membership 2018


Membership 2018 Euro
 Membership 2018 ROW