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A team of Orthotists are currently working in conjunction with BAPO on a project to develop national spinal trauma bracing guidelines and we need your help!

The questionnaires are designed for Orthotists to complete to give us an insight into current practise within the UK and to determine whether there is a need for spinal trauma bracing guidelines to assist Orthotists in justifying their prescription choices.

The questionnaire has been split into a series of 3 so that they are quick for busy Orthotists to complete as we would like as many Orthotists with all levels of experience to complete them.


Questionnaire 1, now closed, covered general information in regards to your current service.

Questionnaire 2, now closed, which will follow in two weeks, covers prescription selection for cervical and high thoracic spinal injuries.

Questionnaire 3, now closed, link below, covers prescription selection for thoracic and lumbar spinal injuries.


All questionnaires have now closed, with the responses in the process of being analysed.  BAPO would like to thank all those who helped contribute to the questionnaires.

Thank you!