National AHP Dementia WEBEX

All AHPs have been invited to join the National AHP Dementia WEBEX – sharing practice; connecting people, connecting support.

Date   –   Wednesday 27th November

Time   –   3.30 – 4.20pm (50 min session)

Topic  –     The delivery of a person-centred, Food First model of care, for people living with dementia in Highland social care settings

Guest presenter –Evelyn Newman, Dietician NHS Highland 


To join the WEBEX you need to

  1. Email to register (if you are joining as a group then only 1 person needs to register the group)
  2. Have access to internet/computer to view the slide show during the WEBEX
  3. Have access to a landline phone to join the audio; listening to the presentation and joining the WEBEX discussion


Please ensure you have registered by the 25th November


Twitter :  @wendyAHPDem

work mobile:   07843345627

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