National AHP Dementia WEBEX

The Scottish AHP Dementia programme delivers webinars to help clinicians and support good practice, they have invited all members of AHPFS (Allied Health Professional Federation Scotland) of which BAPO is a member, to join the National AHP Dementia WEBEX – sharing practice; connecting people, connecting support.


Date   –   Wednesday 24th April 2019

Time   –   3.30 – 4.30pm

Topic  –    CPR for feet – the impact of pressure ulcerations on the foot and how to reduce the risk.

Guest presenters – Karen Mellon, podiatrist, Dunfermline NHS Fife


To join the WEBEX you need to

  1. Reply to to register (if you are joining as a group then only 1 person needs to register the group)
  2. Have access to internet/computer to view the slide show during the WEBEX
  3. Have access to a landline phone to join the audio; listening to the presentation and joining the WEBEX discussion


Please ensure you have registered by the 23rd April. Requests after this date will not be able to join.

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