#WeAHPs – Student take over

@WeAHPs (https://twitter.com/WeAHPs) is being taken over by AHP students from the 8th of October for one week to highlight the benefits of social media supported by the HCPC guidance. The week will include discussions to help build a supportive network where students can learn and share ideas as well as ask questions to existing students and professionals.

Additionally, the other topics for the week will include: balancing placement and academic work, well-being/self-care, leadership, networking, taking advantage of opportunities and looking at what it means to be an allied health professional – especially important in the run up to AHP’s Day the following Monday (15th October).


Our Aims of the week:

  • Increase student’s confidence in using social media in a positive and professional capacity.
  • Build a strong, inclusive and supportive student and professional network.
  • Learn and share ideas together in an easy and accessible manner.


Timetable for the week:


  • Welcome to the ‘WeCommunities’ and @WeAHPs
  • Introduction of the We Community and how to get started with your own ‘MyWe’
  • Who/what are AHPs
  • Importance of AHPs Day
  • Sharing of ‘Day in the life of a…’ videos from students and staff
  • Evening tweetchat – ‘Who are AHPs and what is AHPs Day about’ – Hosted by @SarahBradder


  • Pros and cons of social media
  • Day time Q&A’s – Your opportunity to ask questions
  • Evening tweetchat – ‘HCPC guidance and social media’ – Hosted by @Julie_bolter


  • Managing workload
  • Videos and infographics from the #150Leaders on their experiences of juggling workload and placements
  • Sharing helpful apps, journaling, organising techniques etc.
  • Discuss students’ biggest fears/concerns starting placement/starting assignments etc 


  • A day to explore…
    • Introduction to leadership
    • Why network?
    • Do we need to build resilience and if so how?
  • Evening tweetchat – ‘Emotional intelligence and leadership’ – Hosted by @puppyflanagan


  • Celebration of AHP students’ achievements
  • More about AHPs Day
  • Discussions, videos and tweets about students’ experiences of extra curriculum opportunities
  • Sign-posting to opportunities for students
  • Evening tweetchat – ‘Opportunities available for students: where to find them and how to make the most of them’ – Hosted by @AliBooker_LBU

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